Elizabethton City Schools



Elizabethton Board of Education

804 South Watauga Ave

Elizabethton, TN 37643

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Rita Booher
Board Chair Email Rita Booher
Phil Isaccs
Vice Chair Email Phil Isaccs
Grover May
Board Member Email Grover May
Susan Peters
Board Member Email Susan  Peters
Tyler Fleming
Board Member Email Tyler Fleming
Dr. Corey Gardenhour 423-547-8000  Extn: 8223
Director of Schools Email Dr. Corey Gardenhour
Richard VanHuss 423-547-8000  Extn: 8203
Assistant Director of Schools Email Richard VanHuss
Dr. Myra Newman 423-547-8000  Extn: 8209
Director of Special Education Email Dr. Myra Newman
Mr. Eddie Pless 423-547-8000  Extn: 8227
Director of Testing, Data, and Early Learning Services Email Mr. Eddie Pless
Mr. Joey Trent 423-547-8000  Extn: 8226
Director of Personnel and Technology Services Email Mr. Joey Trent
Beth Wilson 423-547-8000  Extn: 8218
Director of Business and Fiscal Management Email Beth Wilson
Brian Culbert 423-547-8015  Extn: 1514
Director of CTE Email Brian Culbert
Mary Ann Williams 423-547-8000  Extn: 8216
School Nutrition Coordinator Email Mary Ann Williams
Regina Wilder 423-547-8000  Extn: 8222
School Health Coordinator Email Regina Wilder
Teresa Robinson 423-547-8000  Extn: 8221
School Nurse R.N. Email Teresa Robinson
Marty Street 423-547-8015  Extn: 1530
Transportation Supervisor Email Marty Street
Bekah Price 423-547-8000  Extn: 8210
Public Relations Coordinator Email Bekah Price

Opportunity for employment, as well as continuation and advancement in employment, shall be afforded equally to members of all races, creeds, colors, sexes, religions, ages, national origins, and individuals with disabilities or veteran status with regard only for qualifications for the position involved.