Board Of Education

Edwin Alexander
Title: Board Member


Edwin Alexander was an employee of the Elizabethton City School System for 38 years. He also have been a life-long resident of the city, and his wife (Sonya) was a classroom teacher in Carter County and our city for 41 years. His daughters are both graduates of EHS. Mandy (his older daughter) is a kindergarten teacher in Knoxville, and his younger daughter (Lauren) is a nurse practitioner in Johnson City. He has 4 wonderful granddaughters.

Personally, Edwin was educated in grades 1-12 here. After having served 2 years in the US Army, He received a BS and MA (from ETSU). He was a classroom teacher for 14 years, to be followed by 5 years as assistant principal. Then, He was elected principal for 13 years. Thereafter, He became superintendent for 8 Years.