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Elizabethton City Schools (ECS) encourages parents to have an active role in their children's education. We believe all stakeholders (parents, teachers, administrators, business, and community leaders) should work together to create a culture and climate that fosters academic success by:

  • setting appropriate goals at the school and system level that are attainable, rigorous, and content-driven.
  • developing school and system plans that are living documents that drive the educational process.
  • reviewing and updating these plans to reflect data and outcomes associated with testing and weekly formative assessments.
  • working with parents, community partners, and other stakeholders to help our children thrive during their time with us and prepare them to be successful in the future. 

Family Engagement Plans 

ecs logo  District Family Engagement Plan

 ese logo   East Side Elementary Family Engagement Plan

  hme logo  Harold McCormick Elementary Family Engagement Plan

   wse logo   West Side Elementary Family Engagement Plan

 TAD crest photo T A Dugger Family Engagement Plan

  tuffy logo image  Elizabethton High School Family Engagement Plan

  parent school compact image  ECS School-Parent Compact


ECS Title I Program Brochure

Click below to learn more about Title I programs at our elementary schools. You'll find information about school improvement plans and goals, family engagement plans, Title I funds, and how parents can be involved in their child's education.

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Family Resources


ECS Student Handbooks

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wse logo     West Side Elementary

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tuffy logo image    Elizabethton High School


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Engaging with parents, families, and communities is one important way schools can narrow gaps of opportunity or achievement and help all children learn and succeed. We are seeking input from our families to help us make short- and long-term goals for family engagement in our elementary schools. Please take a few minutes to respond to this short survey if you are the parent or guardian of a student at East Side, Harold McCormick, or West Side. Surveys are due Thursday, March 23. Thank you!


Social Worker

ECS Social Worker webpage:

Chelsie Issacs is our school social worker. Chelsie is located at central office and serves all five schools. She is here to provide support to our students and offer resources to families. If you need to contact Chelsie, please call 423-707-8290 or email

Tennessee Legislation Third-grade Retention Law

TN retention law resources

Tennessee Legislation requires third-grade students to demonstrate proficiency on the TCAP in English Language Arts. This webpage contains detailed information regarding the new law, resources for parents, and our plans to provide ECS third-grade students with support in their progress toward proficiency throughout the school year.

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Summary of the Tennessee Learning Loss Remediation and Student Acceleration Act


reading 360 order form


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Best for All Central: Tennessee's Hub for Learning and Teaching Offers Easily Searchable Free Resources for Families and Educators

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The Tennessee Department of Education in collaboration with Tennessee PBS, launched “Starting with Sounds” to highlight the importance of early literacy and how families and students can practice reading by watching and listening to national and local musicians, athletes, and champions of student success read their favorite books and sing songs to help build these critical skills. Starting with Sounds is a component of Reading 360, a comprehensive statewide literacy initiative to provide optional grants and resources to help more Tennessee students develop strong phonics-based reading skills by supporting districts, teachers, and families. Components of the Reading 360 initiative are funded with federal COVID-19 relief and stimulus funding.


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Reading 360 provides resources to help more Tennessee students develop strong phonics-based reading skills by supporting districts, teachers, and families. If you want to stay involved, follow along on social media using the hashtag #Reading360.

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Frontier Health is the region’s leading provider of behavioral health services, offering treatment for mental health, co-occurring, and substance abuse problems, recovery and vocational rehabilitation, and developmental and intellectual disabilities services. Frontier Health's School Mental Health programs serve all 8 counties in Northeast Tennessee and 14 school systems total. They provide therapy and case management services to youth and school staff. Schools that choose to collaborate with community partners such as Frontier Health have found that they can enhance the academic success of individual students as well as improve their overall mental health.

Frontier Health

School-Based Services & Referral Form

Behavioral Health Safety Net

Behavioral Health Safety Net (BHSN) for Children: The Behavioral Health Safety Net (BHSN)  for Children from Frontier Health provides essential outpatient mental health services to Tennesseans ages 3 to 17 who don't have insurance coverage or have full behavioral health eligibility.  Contact 423-547-5950 for eligibility screening and intake. Click  HERE  for more information. 

grandparents flyer

Elizabethton Senior Center - last Tuesday of each month @ 10:00 am

Coffe for Grandfamilies

Group meets 2nd Monday monthly in Johnson City at 10 am
HERE  for more information.


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Resource Links for Families:

CDC- Centers for Disease Control And Prevention

American Academy of Pediatrics

COVID Testing in Carter County

Northeast TN Feeding Site Map

Carter County Health Department

Child Care Provider Map

Carter County Drug Prevention- Youth

Frontier Health

Mental Health Association of East Tennessee

Contact 211

Elizabethton Carter County Public Library

Tennessee R.E.A.D.S. Book Download System

Tennessee Electronic Library

Child Mind Institute

ARM Pantry- food, clothing, and hygiene supplies

United Way of East Tennessee Highlands

Northeast Community Credit Union Resources

Tuffy "PEP" Talks



ECS Educators will present information on essential educational topics for parents and guardians. These short videos highlight our curriculum, programs, and resources. They also offer helpful advice parents can implement at home to help their children succeed in school.

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Tuffy PEP Talk and Resources for TN Third-Grade Retention Law


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EHS CTE pep talk


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