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Virtual Reality Classes now being offered at EHS

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Posted On: Monday, September 23, 2019



Exciting news for Elizabethton High School moving towards the future. After EHS was named an XQ school last year. Funding was provided to make a phase of various projects to take place. One project for the 2019- 2020 school year is providing students with a glimpse into the future. A Virtual Reality class is now being offered this semester at Elizabethton High School. Jason Clevinger is the computer science teacher and mastermind writing the curriculum standards for the class. This course intended to provide students with a futuristic experience to a virtual world. The students will gain understanding and appreciation for technology in an entirely by a new way of being exposed to various virtual worlds. Students will discover pathways such as coding using C++ and Java, as well as make use of and understand techniques and strategies of digital arts and media. Students will demonstrate an understanding of design software using a game engine which will include production elements such as rendering, audio, physics, input, AI, and lighting. The end goal is to provide students with an immersive introduction into VR and the techniques and tools to create VR experiences. Upon completion of the VR1 course, students will be prepared for VR2 and be able to demonstrate the aforementioned traits and skills and portray them in an industry setting. A few adventures the software provides is traveling under water, back in history, science, human body, flying planes, art or on the top of skyscrapers. Evan Fulmer is a student in the class, he stated, “I have learned more in 4 weeks than I have in 2 years.” Another student Dylan Williams said, after being in this class a month, I feel more creative and confident with a better work ethic.” Upon leaving the course, students will create a personal portfolio with projects, creations, designs, etc. that demonstrates a full understanding of the course and software. The portfolio will consist of screenshots, explanations, and authentic representations of items that will portray to the project leader or industry what skills they hold. Jason Clevinger stated, “the students are coming in early and staying after to work on their projects. They are eager to learn.” The benefits of this class will help prepare students for college and the workforce. The VR class provided at EHS is only 1 out of 10 schools in the Nation that can provide this class to students. Many students and staff are thankful for the opportunity to provide this class for students to have the future at their fingertips.



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