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Elizabethton City Schools

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About ECS

At Elizabethton City Schools (ECS), our community of 2,700 students, 220 educators, and 19 administrators collaborates daily to foster academic excellence and personal growth.  In 2023, ECS proudly ranked within the top 25% of districts statewide in student academic achievement.  This success reflects our commitment to providing exceptional education and support to every student.

 Over the years, ECS has garnered numerous accolades, including recognition as Reward Schools, a Blue Ribbon School, and commendation for our Reading Instruction Implementation and TN All Corps Tutoring initiatives.  These achievements underscore our dedication to continuous improvement and innovation in education.

 At ECS, we prioritize empowering our educators with the resources and professional development necessary to deliver the best instructional practices and curriculum, ensuring student learning and growth.  Our focus extends beyond academics; we also cultivate excellence in Athletics, Fine Arts, and Career and Technical Education (CTE), providing students with diverse opportunities for holistic development.

 Our goal is clear:  to offer a well-rounded education that equips every student with the skills, knowledge, and experiences needed for success in both academic pursuits and life beyond the classroom.  Join us in our journey towards excellence at Elizabethton City Schools.