John Hutchins
Director of Federal Programs, Pupil Transportation, & Health



Zachary Ensor (contact)
Assistant Transportation Supervisor

Transportation oversees the safe transport of students to and from school and on special trips. Every day, 11 buses cover 245 miles on eight regular routes, three special education routes, and two preschool routes. Seven of the eight regular routes are driven twice (first for grades 6-12, and then for grades K-5). All buses are equipped with cameras and most have seat belts. More than 20 percent of students ride the bus. All drivers drivers participate in annual training in CPR, First Aid and epinephrine injection. In addition, the Tennessee Highway Patrol provides an annual driver safety training.

To find the route for your child, please select the orange link along the right side (or bottom for mobile users) of this page to open the route associated with the zone or school


Regular Education Route Information

The times listed are estimates, but should not change by more than 5 to 7 minutes (depending on traffic and weather conditions). Initially we ask that you have your students out at their bus stops at least 5 minutes early. After the first few weeks the times should be consistent, barring any issue.

If you have questions, contact Zach Ensor (Transportation Supervisor) at 423-547-8000 X 1530.

DriversBus/Number/Schools Served

  • Larry Adams / Bus 26 / EHS, TAD, ESE
  • Johnny Hayes / Bus 35 / EHS, TAD, ESE, WELC
  • Kevin Harmon / Bus 29 / EHS, TAD, WSE
  • Jennifer Johnson / Bus 30 / EHS, TAD, ESE
  • Lisa Carrier / Bus 31 / EHS, TAD, HME, WELC
  • Gary Nidiffer / Bus 37 / EHS, TAD, HME
  • Wayne Hayes / Bus 36 / EHS, TAD, WSE
  • Zach Ensor & Paul Linberg / Bus 34 / EHS, TAD, WSE

Special Education Route Information

Special Education routes are not posted on the web. For information regarding special education transportation, contact Richard VanHuss.

Special Education Drivers/Bus Number

  • Tracy Holliday / Bus 32 
  • Mike Peters / Bus 28
  • Kevin Grindstaff / Bus 11

Bus Safety 

Distracted Driving, Laws & Tips

"Nearly 80% of crashes and 65% of near-crashes involved some form of driver inattention within three seconds before the event." (NHTSA)