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Teresa Robinson
System-Wide Registered Nurse

School Nursing includes one System-Wide Registered Nurse and one Licensed Practical Nurse at each school. In the 2017-18 school year, school clinics received 15,903 student visits, and 80 percent of those students were able to return to class. All nurses and select employees are trained in CPR, AED usage, the administration of Narcan, Diastat, Glucagon, and more. 

Virtual Health Clinics


Student using Virtual Health Clinic


All Elizabethton schools are now equiped with eMD Anywhere technology as part of our new Niswonger Virtual Health Clinics. These are the result of a partnership with Niswonger Children's Hospital and First Assist Urgent Care. This technology enables students and staff to meet virtually with a local physician or nurse practitioner without having to leave school. 

How does it work?

Parents sign their children up by filling out paperwork through their school nurse’s office. If a student becomes sick and requires a higher level of care than the school nurse can provide, the student can go to the clinic where the school nurse will remotely connect to a First Assist Urgent Care doctor or nurse practitioner using special video equipment. Then, the student will be examined virtually. The provider will use the technology to look inside the student’s throat, mouth, ears and eyes, just as if they were actually in the doctor’s office. If a prescription is needed, one will be electronically sent to the student’s pharmacy. The provider and school nurse will determine if the student can stay in school or if someone needs to pick them up to recover at home. After the visit is complete, the provider will contact the child’s pediatrician or primary care provider to communicate what care was given and arrange any necessary follow-up appointments.

Sign Me Up!

Paperwork will be sent home at the start of the school year to allow parents to sign their children up for the program. With questions about the program, contact system-wide RN Teresa Robinson.