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Public Relations

Nicole Moore
Public Relations


Public Relations works to strengthen communication and foster positive relationships within the community. Since the creation of this position is 2016, the district has launched a new logo, websites, annual reports, social media accounts, mobile applications, email newsletters, and communication surveys. In addition, ECS has improved communication through local media, social media, and websites. The goal of PR is to maintain an open line of communication with all stakeholders and to build upon the already strong sense of pride and trust in the school system. Each September, we invite all stakeholders to give input on school communication in a Communication Survey. Questions and suggestions are welcome throughout the year by calling or emailing Nicole Moore.

Media Inquiries

Media personnel looking to schedule an interview with ECS supervisors, faculty, staff or students should first contact the PR Coordinator. ECS personnel who have been contacted by the media should notify their principal or supervisor and the PR Coordinator. 

Nicole Moore
Public Relations Coordinator
423-547-8000 X 8210

Sharing our stories

We showcase achievements and share information on district and school websites, monthly newsletter, social media, local media, EHS student newspaper, ECS mobile application, and elsewhere. This includes

  • upcoming events
  • photos and videos of class projects, activities, trips, teacher training, and events
  • press releases about major announcements, new programs, achievements, and grants received
  • feature stories on ECS students, faculty and staff, success stories, and interesting projects or achievements

Photos are always welcome and greatly support communication about what's taking place daily in our schools. The PR Coordinator will frequently come to schools to photograph or video events and activities.  It is the responsibility of each school to ensure students whose parents have opted them out of photos are not photographed. Please reference Board Policy 4.407 and 6.601 for more information on privacy rights and the process of opting out.


A webmaster at each school is prepared to share your news. School stories are first posted on the school’s website and then shared where appropriate on the district site or on our Facebook page. Please submit news and photos to your webmasters, principals and the PR Coordinator. Below are the webmasters for each school:

  • EHS: Dustin Hensley & Abigail Bailey
  • TAD: Will Dugger & Dr. Rachel Darnell
  • ESE: Thomas Brown
  • HME: Carla Whiles
  • WSE: Valerie Lee

Social Media

District-level social media sites are managed by the PR Coordinator. If you would like to share something on these, please send photos, videos, or updates to the PR Coordinator. Please send content to your school's social media administrator to get it posted on those pages (listed below with links to the page).

Sites representing ECS schools or programs must be approved. This process is outlined in the Administrative Procedures for Policy 4.406 and in greater detail in the Acceptable Use of Social Networking Websites Form

Visit, like, and share ECS school social media sites!

Logos & Design

Need a high-resolution school or district logo or assistance with design? Call or email PR to request specific file types or sizes of logos, school or district color codes, or questions related to logo use. A variety of school and district logos are available below. You should never stretch a raster (JPEG or PNG) logo. If you need to resize a logo or need a different version of the logo, please contact PR. The ECS logo and tagline Experience Excellence are trademarked, as well as the Tuffy logo. These may not be used for profit by any organization other than ECS without prior approval.

Monthly Newsletter Sign Up

If you are interested in receiving the monthly ECS Newsletter please email Nicole Moore for more information at