Basketball (Boys)

EHS Last Updated: 11/9/2022 7:35 PM

2022-2023 Boys' Varsity Basketball






(H) This indicates we will be the Home team on the scoreboard, and (A) indicates we will be the Away team on the scoreboard.

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WBEJ and The Tom Taylor Sports Show broadcast our games play-by-play.


2022-2023 Boys' Varsity Basketball Roster

Name Number Grade Position Height
Team Name Head Coach Principal
Elizabethton Cyclones Lucas Honeycutt Jon Minton
Team Colors Assistant Coaches Athletic Director
Orange and Black  Gary Harrison, Forrest Holt
  Tee Blevins    
Director of Schools Cheer Coaches Bookkeeper
Richard VanHuss  Victoria Nanney & Vanessa Nanney Kevin Harmon
Trainers Statistician  
Erin Kiser Craig Emmert  
Sylvester Contreras