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Lady Cyclone Volleyball

2019 Schedule - Tentative


Date                        Opponent               Site                  Teams

08-19                    Daniel Boone                 Home                   F, JV, V

08-20                    Johnson Co.                   Away                   F, JV, V

08-22                    Sullivan East                  Away                   F, JV, V

08-24                     Cyclone Invitational         Home          V, (JV & F will work)

08-26                    Happy Valley                 Away                     JV, V (all)

08-27                    Unicoi Co.                      Home                    F, JV, V

08-29                    Sullivan South                Home                    F, JV, V

08-30&31             Porter Gaud Invite           Charleston, SC      V

09-03                    Sullivan Central             Home                     F, JV, V

09-05                    Chuckey Doak                Home                   F, JV, V

09-07                    Thrill on the Hill             Science Hill          JV

09-09                    Sullivan North                Away                   F, JV, V

09-12                    Johnson Co.                     Home                     F, JV, V

09-16                    Science Hill                    Home                     F, JV, V

09-17                    Sullivan East                  Home                   F, JV, V

09-19                    Unicoi Co.                      Away                     F, JV, V

09-21                    Mtn Empire                    Science Hill           V

09-23                    Happy Valley                 Home                   JV, V (all)

09-24                    Sullivan South                Away                   F, JV, V

09-26                    Sullivan Central             Away                   F, JV, V

10-01                    Chuckey Doak                Away                   F, JV, V

10-02                    Science Hill                    Away                   F, JV, V (4:00)

10-03                    Greeneville (SR night)    Home                    JV, V (5:00)

10-05                    JV Tournament              Home                    JV

10-07                    District Quarterfinals      Central                  V

10-08                    District Semifinals           Central                  V      

10-10                    District Championship    Central                  V      

10-15                    Regional Tournament     TBD                     V

10-17                    Sectional                        TBD                      V

10-22-24               State                              Murfreesboro        V


Games will be played in the order listed.

The first game will begin at 4:30 unless otherwise stated.


Elizabethton Lady Cyclones

Varsity Roster


1                      Cheyenne Poiroux                 FR                    OH


2                      Deanna Hull                            SR                    L


4                      Mattie Davis                           SO                   MB


5                      Kallista DePrimo                    JR                     OH/RS


7                      Whitley Maupin                     SO                   OH/RS


11                    Morgan Smith                        SR                    S/OH/RS


12                    Milli Pierce                             JR                     DS


18                    Josie Lyons                             JR                     S


20                    Brittany Kitchens                   JR                     OH


23                    Kaitlin Bailey                          SR                    MB


24                    Jayci Bowers                           FR                    S


25                    Hannah Boster                       SR                    RS


31                    Sammie Daniels                      SO                   MB



Head Coach:             Leslee Bradley

Asst. Coach:              Donna Townsend, Patrick Roberts

AD:                              Forrest Holt

Principal:                   Jon Minton