• April Students submit final 70-page Bartleby School proposal.


  • Sep. Students win Student Voice Award & $200,000.
  • Oct. 45 organizations attend community Banquet celebrating Bartleby.
  • Nov. Asst. Commissioner of TN Ed. & state representatives visit.
  • Dec. Cory Fitzsimmons elected 1st Student Liaison to the Board.


  • July Teachers attend Super School training at MIT
  • Aug. Community Improvement Class begins (14 projects).
  • Aug. ECS hires Bartleby Director.
  • Sep. Bartleby hosts XQ Super School Live Viewing Party.
  • Fall Publish on school website the student profiles with links to presentations and web portfolios.
  • Sep. Hannah Roaten elected 2nd Student Liaison to the Board.
  • Fall 7 college partnerships lead to student scholarships, waived admission regulations, and dual enrollment opportunities.
  • Fall/Spring 20+ guest speakers from non-profits & businesses in 2017-18.
  • Dec. 250 people attend Bartleby Open House & Project Exhibition.
  • Dec. Board, administrators attend Super School Board meeting.
  • Jan. Entrepreneurship Class begins (5 businesses created).
  • Jan. Teachers developing evaluation framework with Stanford.
  • Jan. Students receive feedback, approval of proposals from board of local entrepreneurs.
  • Feb. Bartleby conducts school-wide survey indicating 500 (of 815) students interested in joining Bartleby.
  • March Students compete in CareerQuestTN Shark Tank for $1,000; Local Harvest Delivery wins.
  • March Teachers attend SXSW Conference with Super Schools.
  • April Training begins for Bartleby Cyclone Experience teachers.
  • Ongoing Students demonstrate  improvement in leadership, creativity, and analysis, and 400% improvement in public speaking.
  • Spring 40+ community partners support student projects in 2017-18.


  • Fall 45 Paid Internships begin in Mayor's and government offices
  • Training continues for EHS teachers in project-based teaching principles & methods.
  • US History & English III to be taught in blended format for three class periods.
  • Launch Bartleby Cyclone Experience for all freshmen.
  • Creation of Bartleby project-based evaluation software to measure TN standards, Blooms Taxonomy.
  • 4th Period Bartleby Enrichment courses begin.


  • Bartleby Online to serve students, teachers, schools and districts across Tennessee
  • Integration of Bartleby principles and methods into senior courses in Senior Capstone Experience