Portrait of a Graduate

Portrait of a Graduate

Elizabethton City Schools/Bartleby graduates are well-prepared to be community leaders that engage and excel in an ever-changing future. Through creativity and collaboration, our students are equipped to solve issues on a local, national, and global stage.

Masters of all Fundamental Literacies

  • EHS/Bartleby graduates will master all state academic standards and Bartleby competencies
  • EHS/Bartleby graduates will be prepared for college, career, and life through competently completing 30 credit high school hours, which include 4 English, 4 Math, 3 Science, 2 History, a Program of Study and Bartleby Enrichment.
  • EHS/Bartleby graduates will be critical readers and writers.  Academic Content and Bartleby classes will utilize complex literature and informational text to support critical reading.  Students will be required to read multiple texts and synthesize the information to create a well written essay or project.
  • EHS/Bartleby graduates will be mathematical and numeric thinkers through completing four credits of math (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and one upper level math).
  • EHS/Bartleby graduates will be data and visual thinkers through the completion of project-based learning opportunities, entrepreneurships, and/or community-based learning. 
  • EHS/Bartleby graduates will be able to transfer knowledge learned through the integrated academic courses by project-based learning.
  • EHS/Bartleby graduates have developed positive attitudes and beliefs about themselves as learners that increase their academic perseverance and prompt them to engage in productive academic behaviors.
  • EHS/Bartleby graduates will master the Speaking, Listening and Written Communication English Language Arts (ELA) standards.  Students will:
    • Articulate ideas and thoughts effectively using oral, written, and nonverbal communication skills in a variety of forms and contexts
    • Listen effectively to decipher meaning including knowledge, values, attitudes, and intensions
    • Use passionate communication for a range of purposes to affect tangible change in the community (i.e., to inform, instruct, motivate, and persuade)

Holders of Foundational Knowledge

  • EHS/Bartleby graduates will be knowledgeable about the world through its history, culture, sciences, mathematics, and cultural currency. 
  • EHS/Bartleby graduates will be knowledgeable about our city government.  One Bartleby senior student will serve on the Elizabethton City Schools School Board, one will serve on the Elizabethton City Council.  Students will have the opportunity to select community partnerships with government agencies.

Original Thinkers for an Uncertain World

  • EHS/Bartleby graduates are sense-makers.  They are able to deal with conflicting knowledge. 
  • EHS/Bartleby graduates are generative thinkers. They are able to create many ideas in ambiguous and new situations.
  • EHS/Bartleby graduates are creative thinkers. Students will:
    • Reframe, imagine, and see problems from different perspectives
    • Use a wide range of idea creation techniques (such as brainstorming, divergent, and convergent thinking).
    • Elaborate, refine, analyze, and evaluate their own ideas in order to improve and maximize creative efforts.
    • Demonstrate originality and inventiveness in work and understand the real-world limits to adopting new ideas.
    • View failure as an opportunity to learn; understand that creativity and innovation is a long-term cyclical process of small success and frequent mistakes.
    • Act on creative ideas to make a tangible and useful contribution to the field in which the innovation will occur.
  • EHS/Bartleby graduates are critical thinkers and problem solvers.  Students will:
    • Collect, assess, and analyze relevant information
    • Reason effectively
    • Use systems thinking
    • Make sound judgements and decisions
    • Identify, define, and solve authentic problems and essential questions
    • Reflect critically on learning experiences, process and solutions
  • EHS/Bartleby graduates will have the opportunity to be involved with entrepreneurships by developing and starting their own business.  Students will:
    • Use entrepreneurial skills to enhance workplace productivity and career options.
    •  Are willing to take risks, develop, organize, and manage new organizational initiatives and/or business ventures.
  • EHS/Bartleby have demonstrated leadership abilities by:
    • Using interpersonal and problem-solving skills to influence and guide others toward a goal.
    • Leveraging strengths of others to accomplish a common goal.
    • Inspiring others to reach their very best via example and selflessness.
    • Demonstrating integrity and ethical behavior in using influence and power.

Generous Collaborators for Tough Problems

  • EHS/Bartleby graduates are self-aware team members who bring their strengths. They seek out and recognize the talents and expertise of others.
  • EHS/Bartleby graduates are co-creators by being collaborators in project-based learning.
  • EHS/Bartley graduates have demonstrated ability to work effectively and respectfully with diverse teams.
  • EHS/Bartleby graduates have exercised flexibility and willingness to be helpful in making necessary compromises to accomplish a common goal.
  • EHS/Bartleby graduates have assumed shared responsibility for collaborative work and value and individual contributions made by each team members.

Learners for Life

  • EHS/Bartleby graduates are self-driven and self-directed. This is exhibited through their curious learning about themselves and the world.
  • EHS/Bartleby graduates are inventors of their own learning paths, careers, and lives.
  • EHS/Bartleby graduates have had the opportunity to:
    • Set goals with tangible and intangible success criteria.
    • Balance tactical (short-term) and strategic (long-term) goals.
    • Utilize time and manage workload efficiently.
    • Monitor, define, prioritize and complete tasks without direct oversight.
    • Go beyond basic mastery of skills and/or curriculum to explore and expand one’s own learning and opportunities to gain expertise.
    • Demonstrate initiative to advance skill levels toward a professional level.
    • Demonstrate commitment to learning as a lifelong process.
  • EHS/Bartleby graduates have demonstrated resiliency.  They have exhibited persistency to accomplish a difficult task and overcome academic and personal barriers to meet goals.