Bartleby is a project-based learning program in which students are mastering state academic standards, measuring their own understanding using Bloom’s Taxonomy, and evaluating themselves with the guidance of multiple teachers and community members. Students identify what they want to do and what they can learn by doing it.

Quarterly during the term, students are videoed presenting project updates. They use these to measure success according to a timeline identified by each student, teacher and partners for each project. This enables them to identify focus areas for the remainder of the semester and to improve their public speaking skills.

Two of the biggest questions with each XQ school is, “How will students be evaluated?" and "How will we know that they are learning at an equal or greater pace than in a traditional school setting?” The Bartleby solution to these questions is the incorporation of state standards and use of the learning model outlined in Bloom’s Taxonomy. This allows students to get an equal or greater education than traditional methods, while at the same time increasing their understanding and impact in the community.


Bloom's taxonomy: Remember > Understand > Apply > Analyze > Evaluate > Create