Enrichment Courses

4th Period Labs

Beginning in 2018-19, EHS will offer 13 new 4th period enrichment courses suggested by students in a survey. These focus on project-based, passion-driven learning for Tier I students. Courses include Investigations in Science, Multicultural Service-Learning, Three Dimensional Foundations in Art, AdVentures in Business, Kitchen Survival, Engineering Projects, Lifetime Recreation, Yoga and Core Fitness, Art Portfolio Prep, Advanced Creative Writing, Prove IT! The Art of Arguing, The History of Tennessee Music, and Research Institute.

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Investigations in Science

Science is a broad discipline that has a part in nearly every aspect of our lives—from space to the oceans, foods to medicine, and everywhere in between. In this new class at EHS, we will be looking at topics that we usually don’t get to discuss in a science class: sociology, astronomy, medicine, forensics, etc. In discussing these topics, we will look at past research and perform our own research (including experiments around the school). Activities may include: fingerprinting, water quality tests, social experiments, and constellation mapping.

The goal of this class isn’t to focus on one specific type of science but to connect science to other content areas.

Multicultural Service-Learning

This course will integrate foreign language learning with service-learning in an attempt to build bridges between English speakers and speakers of foreign languages. Through this course, students will have real world language acquisition opportunities through service-learning projects. Students will be challenged to see their community, their state, their nation, and the world, through the eyes of non-English speakers, in order to identify and solve problems related to language. Students will create products that will serve to help others overcome language barriers.

Three Dimensional Foundations in Art

A foundational approach to understanding and utilizing shadows, highlights and space to create sculptures. The class will focus on the usage of negative and positive space surrounding an object to maximize the impact of the artwork. Students will also learn how the brain processes information and how to manipulate objects to generate three dimensional appearances to the human eye.

Projects will include but not be limited to sketching, sculpting, building, and combining various materials to produce finished pieces. Students will study both additive and subtractive processes of sculpture. This class will be on an introductory level and will be a prerequisite for future classes such as sculpture and ceramics

AdVentures in Business

Exploring the many possibilities in the field of business to equip students with information to help them understand what possibilities are available to them at EHS. Taking these possibilities and looking at careers in business, with and without a college degree. Hands-on business activities from varying aspects including marketing, management, and accounting.

Kitchen Survival

This course will teach students to read a recipe, plan a meal, and to use the basic cooking equipment to prepare you for independent living. No prior experience is needed; just a desire to fend for yourself in the kitchen.

Engineering Projects

This course is a hands on design and build Engineering Course that will help service the needs of the Elizabethton City School System by utilizing the woodworking and engineering materials in the STEM program.

Lifetime Recreation

This course meets the requirements for a ½ credit of Wellness. In Lifetime Recreation, the students will participate in activities such as: football, soccer, spikeball, table tennis, badminton, basketball, fitness walking and archery. All activities will incorporate a fitness component.

Yoga and Core Fitness

The general purpose of the course is to promote life-long physical activity and to develop an understanding of the benefits of being healthy. In this class, we will utilize yoga practices to become more physically, mentally, energetically, and emotionally fit. Yoga develops core strength and helps to develop lung capacity through careful breathing. The emphasis in this class will be on poses and postures designed to develop flexibility, muscular strength, and muscular endurance. Emphasis will be placed on correct alignment and safe practice. Yoga students will learn concepts of physical fitness, identify stress reduction techniques, gain an increased ability to concentrate, and develop a Personal Fitness Plan to support a lifetime of fitness.

Art Portfolio Prep

Are you considering a future involving the visual arts? If so, this course is for you. Students will develop a portfolio of artworks in designated mediums that include: drawing, pen and ink, painting, collage, and mixed media. Students will solve challenging visual arts problems using critical analysis and evaluation. Experimentation and self-direction will be emphasized as the student continues to develop both technical mastery and time-management skills. Disciplined completion of artworks and sketchbook maintenance is required. At the conclusion of the semester, students will prepare and display their own artworks for exhibit.

Advanced Creative Writing

This course is designed for students who wish to further enhance their creative writing skills. Students will be expected to demonstrate advanced writing skills and complete independent writing projects. The writing process will be applied to each task including revising, editing, and publishing. Students may also be expected to participate in writing competitions such as the Barter Theatre Young Playwrights Festival.

Prove It! - The Art of Arguing

Learning how to effectively argue one’s position can lead to success on many levels. This course is designed to enhance argumentative and communicative skills that are beneficial for any career field and in everyday societal situations. Students will learn how to effectively express their ideas and opinions with the use of rhetorical devices and strategies in both writing and speaking. Students will engage in hands-on activities, implement ideas into action, and learn formats for debate. They will study effective argumentation and analyze applicable strategies of various accomplished speakers who have mastered the craft. Ultimately, students will develop reasoning for their positions and create the best argument to support their positions.

The History of Tennessee Music

The class will allow students to analyze the rich history of Tennessee music. The curriculum will give the students a chance to explore the vast local history of music, while discovering the origins and diversity of music from across our state. The class will investigate the origins of country music, the history and influence of the blues and the social impact of rock and roll and soul music on politics and popular culture. The class will teach the difference in geography, politics and population from across the entire state, to understand how each region developed its own style of music. The class will give the students an opportunity to find out, in depth, why our state is considered one of the music capitals of the world.

Research Institute

Focus on academic research projects and skills. Engaging students with real world situations in which they learn to observe and understand issues, generate ideas, and create innovative solutions while leveraging partnerships with members of academia. This class is designed to help students who plan to pursue postsecondary and graduate opportunities. *Juniors and Seniors*