Over-the- Counter (OTC) medication for students and staff

Posted On: Friday, September 30, 2022

To: Elizabethton City Schools Parents/Guardians/Students:
This letter is to inform you that as of Monday, 10/24/2022, the Elizabethton City Schools will no longer be providing Over-the- Counter (OTC) medication for students and staff. This will include cough drops, Tylenol, Advil, Tums etc.
Parents/Guardians can bring OTC medication for their child to the school. A “Medication Administration Form” will need to be filled out for each medication. This medication will be kept in the nurse’s office for use by your child. OTC medication will be given as directed per age/weight. For RX medications, doses will continue to be given as directed by a Physician/MD/NP. Any OTC medication brought to the school must be in its original container with the student’s name on the box. First aid supplies will still be available for minor injuries.
If you have any questions, please contact your School Nurse or myself at the following numbers.
Central Office- Teresa Robinson- 423-895-0830
Elizabethton High School- Alicia Jarrett- 423-547-8000 ext. 1534
Elizabethton High School- Nikki Grayless- 423-547-8000 ext. 1545
T.A. Dugger Jr. High School- Jackie Hitechew- 423-547-8000 ext. 2519
East Side Elementary- Mandy Lewis -423-547-8000 ext. 1001
Harold McCormick Elementary- April Sutphin -423-547-8000 ext. 2003
West Side Elementary- Jodi Buckles- 423-547-8000 ext. 3004
Teresa Robinson RN, BSN
Elizabethton City Schools

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