Welcome to Our House!

Posted On: Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Welcome to Our House!
What is a House System?
The house system is an idea adopted from Ron Clark Academy to give students the opportunity to connect
with students across classes and grades that they may not normally have a chance to interact with. This helps
students gain more friendships and create a family-like culture at our school. It also provides additional
opportunities to recognize and encourage positive student behaviors in a fun way.
Goals for WSE House System
1. Connect students across classes and grades to enhance our school culture.
2. Provide positive peer influence to encourage positive behaviors.
3. Further recognize students who are explifying the qualities of a WSE Wildcat!
We decided to use different types of cats to represent our Wildcat family. Each house has been given a
mascot and one of our “Wildcat Way” expectations as a house characteristic. The houses are as follows:
White tigers (Responsible),

Snow leopards (Respectful), &

Elf cats (Safe)


4th House







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