August 2019 Important Info

Posted On: Thursday, August 29, 2019

TAD Keys to Success:


•Treat your fellow student the same way you want to be treated!
•Students get involved in a TAD extracurricular activity
•Parents be involved in your child’s journey through TAD
•If someone is giving you a hard time let a teacher, principal, counselor, or staff member know!  Help us to stop problems before it becomes bullying!
Parents be involved with your child’s cell phone activity and social media!
•Most social media issues start or escalate off school campus and further develop at school.
Today you can do the following:
ØPay tuition.
ØPurchase TAD Cyclone shirts
ØFind out all bus transportation information.
ØMake sure that you have all necessary documentation or what is missing.
ØPay money into your child’s lunch account.
ØSee your child’s schedule, find their classrooms.
ØMeet the teachers.
ØMeet the administrative team.
ØPick up information regarding our Europe Trip!
ØSign up for Bloomz
ØAnd more!
TAD Traffic and School Safety
•School Zone Speed Limit-15mph/No use of cell phones
•Students must use the designated crosswalks
•7:25AM-7:37AM is the heaviest/most congested time for dropping off students (Doors open at 6:50AM)
•Be patient!!!
•Pick up students promptly after school
Important Rules:
•Students will receive a TAD student handbook/planner.  Parents please read over the handbook with your students and get to know our rules.
•Only clear water bottles
•No food or drink in the auditorium
TAD Handbook Changes:

Everyone will take Semester Exams this year!

•5 or less days missed= exams will count 5%
•6-9 days missed=exams will count 15%
•10 or more days missed=exams will count 25%
•(we will review extenuating circumstances case by case)

Excused Absences-Students get five excused absences for the entire school year

Unexcused Absences-Three Tiered System-See Handbook

Cell Phones—are not allowed during the school day (off in the students locker).  Smart Watches may be worn, but will be treated as a cell phone is used as a communication device


Dress Code:


•All shorts and skirts need to reach to a student’s fingertip length., clothing with holes higher than four inches above the knee where skin is shown
•Hair styles or colors that are deemed distractive to the learning environment by the administrative team will not be allowed.
Summer School:
•Students with 3 or more F’s  (class failures)will be required to take summer school.
•Core Subjects (Math, L.A., Science , and S.S.) will count as one class and the grade will be the final average.
•Exploratory Classes will count as ½ a class and will be the overall grade for the class
•Students with 15 or more unexcused absences will have to take summer school
TAD PTAC: •Bean Supper September 27th
Bloomz App:
•TAD will be using BLOOMZ to communicate with parents and students
•Download the BLOOMZ APP
•TAD’s Community access code A9WW7C
•Skyward will email your students progress and attendance every other Monday
TAD Cafeteria:
•TAD Breakfast—$1.35
•TAD Lunch—$2.60
•Free and reduced lunch forms need to be filled out if applicable
8th Grade DC Trip:
•May 18th-22nd, 2020
 September 11, 2019       $150.00
 October 16, 2019       $150.00
 November 13, 2019        $150.00

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