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    Governor Lee has closed school buildings for students physically to return for the remainder of this semester. However, the school system will continue online learning throughout the last instructional day of the school year. ECS will receive guidance as the COVID task force meets in the days to come. The feeding programs will continue as scheduled. We will be sending out information about other events important to parents and students early next week. Please continue social distancing and good hygiene to decrease the spread of the virus in our area. We will provide updates about the 2020-2021 School Year

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Posted On: Monday, April 8, 2019

Parents of rising 6th graders, if you couldn't make it to 5th Grade Night or you wanted to review some of the topics we discussed, please check out the presentation here. You can either download it or scroll down.

TAD Keys to Success

  • Treat your fellow student the same way you want to be treated!
  • Students get involved in a TAD extracurricular activities
  • Parents be involved in your child’s journey through TAD
  • Parents be involved with your child’s cell phone activity and social media!
  • Most social media issues start or escalate off school campus and further develop at school.

TAD School Hours

  • TAD doors opens at 6:50AM (Auditorium Doors)
  • Breakfast is 7:15-7:37AM
  • First student bell rings at 7:37AM
  • Late bell/1st period starts at 7:45AM
  • School hours are 7:45AM-2:45PM
  • At 2:50PM all students should be at the bus alley, front yard pick-up, tutoring, ESP, or their extracurricular activity
  • At 3:15PM all students should be off campus (picked up or on a bus) or in tutoring , ESP, or at their extracurricular activity

Scheduling Information

  • All students will have 8 class   periods (6 classes) next school   year
  • Math and Language Arts classes   will be 90 minutes each
  • All other courses will be 45   minutes each
  • 6th grade students will only have   the choice between gym and   band
  • Keyboarding and TAD Life will be   the other electives for 6th grade   students
  • RTI will replace an elective for   students that test into it

Example 6th Grade Schedule

  • Period 1/Language Arts   7:45 - 8:30
  • Period 2/Language Arts   8:35 - 9:20
  • Period 3/P.E.   9:25 - 10:10
  • Period 4/World History   10:15 - 11:00
  • Lunch/1st lunch  11:00 - 11:25
  • Period 5/Math  11:30 - 12:15
  • Period 6/Math  12:20 - 1:05
  • Period 7/Science  1:10 - 1:55
  • Period 8/TAD Life  2:00 - 2:45

Registration Information

Registration packets will be given to all students by their 5th grade teacher tomorrow

  • Two proofs of residency must be attached
  • Enrollment forms will be available to complete online this summer
  • Parents with no access to skyward can pick up enrollment packets at   the beginning of the school year
  • Sign up for Skyward!

Proof of Residency Information

Acceptable proofs of residency

  1. Property Tax Records
  2. Mortgage documents or property deed
  3. Apartment or home lease
  4. Utility bills or deposits (electric, water, or gas)

Not Acceptable proofs of residency

  1. Cable Bill
  2. Home phone bills
  3. Cell phone bills
  4. Insurance

Cafeteria Costs

  • Breakfast=$1.35
  • Lunch=$2.60
  • Make sure you complete a free and reduced meals form (online or paper copy) if applicable
  • Make cafeteria payment online at myschoolbucks.com

Tuition for Non-City Residents

  • Tuition for students living outside of the city in Carter County is $400
  • Tuition for students living outside of Carter County is $1,600
  • Tuition can be paid monthly(Online only), by semester, and yearly at T. A. Dugger

TAD Traffic & School Safety

  • School Zone Speed Limit-15mph/No use of cell phones in School Zones
  • Students must use the designated crosswalks
  • 7:25 am-7:37 am is the heaviest/most congested time for dropping off students (Doors open at 6:50AM)
  • Be patient!!!

Attendance / Semester Exams

  • Excused Absences-Students get five excused absences for the entire school year (parents must call the school for excused absences to apply)
  • Bring in doctor’s/medical excuses or have them fax from your students medical office
  • Call the main office if your student is out for any reason
  • Attendance is very important!!!
  • Three tardies to  class is an absence

Everyone will take Semester Exams!

  • 5 or less days missed= exams will count 5%
  • 6-9 days missed=exams will count 15%
  • 10 or more days missed=exams will count 25%

Dress Code

  • Any clothing that displays inappropriate exposure, including   underwear, midriffs, etc.
  • Any tops without sleeves, see through or “camisole” tops
  • All shorts and skirts need to reach to a student’s fingertip length.,   clothing with holes higher than four inches above the knee where   skin is shown
  • Leggings and yoga type pants are permissible with a top that appropriately covers the student
  • Pajamas and bedroom slippers
  • Hats, bandanas, chains, bands with spikes, as well as any other items   deemed inappropriate by administrators
  • Sagging and very loose, baggy pants and shorts; pants that drag the   ground and can be a safety hazard
  • Clothing with sexual connotations, vulgar remarks and/or images;   those   that promote alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products or acts   of violence, including blood and gang affiliations
  • Heavy coats and trench coats in class
  • Piercings are to be limited to the ears only with the exception of one small stud type piercing in the nose only.  (no dangling, hoops, or any   other kind that may be considered a distraction or safety concern by   the administrative team).  No other piercings will be allowed.
  • Hair styles or colors that are deemed distractive to the learning environment by the administrative team will not be allowed.

TAD Handbook

  • Our current handbook is on our website (www.ecschools.net) under the About menu
  • Cell phones-cell phones are to be turned off once entering the school and are to stay in the students locker (off) until the end of the school day
  • No horse play!
  • Do not spread unkind words about your fellow students (no gossip)

ECS Mobile App

  • Parents get greater access to school news, events with new Elizabethton City Schools mobile app Apple / Google

TAD Athletics

Students must have a physical before they can participate in athletics' at T. A. Dugger. Planet High School/Arbiter Athlete—There are step-by-step directions to upload your students physical on our website under Athletics.

Fall Sports

  • Football (Touchdown Club)
  • Girl's Volleyball
  • Girl's Soccer
  • Cross Country

Winter Sports

  • Basketball
  • Wrestling

Spring Sports

  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Boy's Soccer
  • Track
  • Golf

TAD Clubs

  • Guitar Club
  • Student Council
  • Builders Club (Key Club)
  • FCA
  • Like a Girl
  • Future Business Leaders of America


  • Get involved!!!
  • Check out the PTAC in the cafeteria.
  • Bean Supper is T. A. Dugger’s only fundraiser for the year

TAD Contacts

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